Did You Know: You Can Still Have a Facial in Lockdown!

Did You Know: You Can Still Have a Facial in Lockdown!

Are you missing your professional facials?

You can still have a facial in lockdown!

I've got all the info here so you can have all the steps to give yourself a facial at home. I'm really missing giving treatments during this time and I'm sure you are missing receiving them.
I've been posting lots of beauty tips and tricks on my socials for you, also trying to let myself rest, I have been enjoying not having to do all the after school running around!
Below is something for YOU, so you can look after yourself, give you and your skin some love during this difficult time, enjoy!
1. Double cleanse your skin first with your Smudge Budge cleanser, then with your cleanser. Your first cleanse will remove makeup, product, dirt and pollutants from the day, your second cleanse will actually clean your skin.
2. Exfoliate, remove the dead skin cells ready for the next step. Masks that exfoliate like Facial In a Jar are my favorite, they use enzymes and acids to gobble up the dead skin cells.
3. Mask! apply your Vanilla + Honey mask and leave on for about 15mins. 
TIP: You can sleep in your Honey + Vanilla mask, it will give your skin a nourishing boost while you sleep.
4. Moisture + Nurture, apply your Skin Drink, oils and moisturiser. 
TIP: For an extra boost in winter add a drop of your oil to your moisturiser.

Let me help you set up your ISO-Facial at home!

Now you can create your own facial ritual at home. Treat, nourish and protect your skin with five natural, Australian made, Skin Juice products.

Your self care just got a little bit more exciting, didn’t it?

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