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Skin Juice

Pregnancy Pod - Kit

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Skin Juice Pregnancy Pod: This bundle of goodness quenches pregnancy skin cravings. Pregnancy Pod is a juicy combination of moisture rich products that will soothe and support stretching skin.

Give a hard-working body a daily treat with this easy to follow ritual.

1. Start by massaging Mummy's Tummy Wash onto dry skin before stepping into the shower to rinse off.

2. After patting the skin dry, gently massage Mummy's Tummy Cream onto the skin to help lock in moisture and relieve any irritation or itchiness. Take a moment to bond with your growing bub.

3. Apply a small amount of Green Juice to any areas that need any further TLC.

Suitable for: All skin types, pregnancy.

Pregnancy Pod Includes: Mummy's Tummy Stretch Mark Prevention Cream, Mummy's Tummy Creamy Body Wash, Green Juice Skin Rescue Balm